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Epic Wealth Advisors


EPIC Wealth Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor founded by Reg Wilson in 2001. Reg has been advising families, business owners, celebrities and charitable organizations for over 30 years in Souther California. 

EPIC has a unique structure that allows clients to have access to leading edge advisors nationwide. During his 30+ year career, Reg has established peer relationships with many of the nation's leading tax advisors, investment managers, insurance innovators and financial planners.

By creating a virtual company with an open architecture, EPIC is able to incorporate the best of breed ideas, innovation, structures, tax strategies and investment minds in the country for EPIC clients.

This allows EPIC to serve a wide variety of clients and to adapt to the changing financial landscape and remain on the cutting edge without the burden of excess overhead and staffing. 

EPIC's innovative tax and investment attempts to significantly increase the total after tax return high income professinals, entertainers, athletes and entreprenuers, business owners, families, trusts and individuals.

Reg Wilson CEO

Reg Wilson, is the Founder of EPIC Wealth Advisors, EPIC Financial, Outsource Insurance Services, Cultivating Your Legacy consulting, and International Trauma Institute (see below). Reg has served as business, and financial advisor to professionals, business owners, celebrities, families, and non-profits for over 30 years.

Reg is an adventurer, since crossing the Sahara at the age of 19, to exploring the backwaters of the Amazon and has traveled to over 100 countries.

Reg has philanthropic interests namely, founding the International Trauma Institute with his wife Gina Ross in 2001, founding the Los Angeles Philanthropic Advisory Network, and Cultivating Your Legacy Consulting Group.

Reg sculpts, paints, tries his hand at composing, improvising jazz piano, and trumpet.   Reg formerly formed, and played the oud in a middle-eastern belly dance band.

Reg resides in Hancock Park, located in the Greater Los Angeles area with his wife Gina Ross, and within a mile of his 6 grandchildren.

Reg is an author, and frequent speaker to estate planners, CPA’s, and professional managers on a wide range of financial subjects. Reg’s references from 30+ years are voluminous.

He is an author and frequent speaker to estate planners, CPAs, and professional managers on a wide range of financial subjects. His references from 30+ years are voluminous. 


What We Do Different

Our goal is to increase total return based on after tax performance results, while minimizing downside risk. Reducing taxes and reducing downside risk are the twin pillars of the EPIC Wealth Management System.

We engage and partner with the leading tax specialists nationwide to reduce taxes for our clients. This focus on tax efficiency is intended to boost the after tax total return. Tax reduction and deferral includes strategies for income tax, capital gains and estate taxes. 

We have access to the creme du la creme of active investment managers. In sharp contrast to the 'wire-house' and 'broker' buy and hold approach, we focus on active management, alternatives, multiple asset classes and tactical managers with proven track records to reduce volatility and risk. 

Epic Wealth Management System

We have a trademarked process for pursuing successful total return performance on an after tax and after fee basis. This 'system' integrates a process for achieving tax efficiencies, client goal setting, risk management, investment management and financial tracking systems.

Affiliate & Associated Companies and Services

EPIC Financial, was established in 1997 by Reg Wilson. The company specializes in sophisticated uses of life insurance for estate planning, executive compensation, supplemental retirement planning, trans-border families and international insurance. The company is licensed to sell life insurance, annuities and long term care. Insurance required for clients of EPIC Wealth Advisors, Inc. may, but are not required to, purchase insurance through EPIC Financial or Outsource Insurance Services, Inc.

Outsource Insurance Services, Inc., was established by Reg Wilson in 2005. The company provides third party objective insurance policy reviews and analysis for institutions, trust companies, law firms, CPA firms, trustees and corporations. It does not market or provide policy analysis to individuals.

International Trauma Institute 501c(3) is a non-profit foundation founded by Reg Wilson and his wife Gina Ross in 2001. The focus of the Institute is healing PTSD and psychological trauma in Israel and the mid-east.

The Trauma Institute is managed by Gina Ross, an internationally re-known thought leader in PTSD and psychological trauma, author of 7 books on trauma who has spoken at the UN and over 15 countries. If you have interest in this, we welcome dialogue, support and donations.

Cultivating Your Legacy is a philanthropic consulting service created by Reg Wilson in 2006. The focus is to host, teach and facilitate Philanthropic discussions with individuals and families about how to use family wealth to increase impact on the world, the community and the family. These are non-financial discussions of family values, goals and meaning and purpose of wealth and life.