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The wisdom years bring challenges. 

Reaching our wisdom years, between 55 to 80, prompts a series of difficult questions and decisions. We start wondering about health issues, how long we will live, how much money we need and how not to run out of money. 

We realize that we can't afford to make mistakes with our investments. There is no time to make up for mistakes. We can't afford another 2008 crash or losses.

Conventional buy and hold wire-house investment strategies don't ask or answer these questions.

What questions should you be asking?

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Growing wealth with less risk and taxes

No Cost Second Opinion

There is no room for error during retirement years, and it never hurts to have a second opinion.

We offer a no-cost, no-obligation review of your investment strategy, your portfolio, your insurance policies, your goals and concerns. If you want to feel comfortable, get a second opinion and take advantage of our review.

Yes, I would like a no-cost, no obligation review of my plan.


reducing risk

How would you feel if your portfolio lost 10%? 20%? 30%? Or what about 50%, as they did in 2008? At this time in life, there is no time to 'catch up'.

We have special strategies to reduce the downside risk, while capturing the upside gains.

Our approach to investing is very different from the conventional 'buy and hold' strategy that resulted in big losses in 2001 - 2003 and again in 2008.

Yes, I am interested in finding out about how to reduce risk and invest safely.


lifetime income

How can I guarantee lifetime income?

People are living longer these days. The average 65 year old couple can expect one to still be alive in their 90s. 

The challenge of 'not running out of money' by living too long, or the erosion of inflation, is a concern.

Yes, I am interested in finding out how to plan and invest so I don't worry about running out of money.


reducing taxes

How can I reduce my taxes during retirement?

One of the biggest irritations is being forced to pay tax on passive income from pensions, IRAs or investment accounts when you don't need the money.

We have techniques that may allow you to reduce or eliminate tax on that income.

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retirement investment alternatives

We offer an array of non-stock/bond alternative investments designed for retirees to maximize retirement income safely. These provide tax benefit and income guarantees designed specifically for retirement income.

Yes, I am interested in safe alternatives to the stock market.


do annuities make sense?

There are pros and cons to annuities. A new breed of annuity is much more flexible and useful than previous ones.

You need an expert to candidly point out the pros and cons and to sort through all of the marketing hype to see if it is a fit for you. It is an important option to understand. 

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long term care

Are there affordable long-term care policies?

Long-term care policies are expensive. We recommend a 'partial self-insured' policy that dramatically reduces the out of pocket expense and provides excellent coverage.

Yes, I would like information on long term care policies.


How is managing money for retirement different?

Everything changes as you approach or begin retirement. Suddenly, you have to live off your savings. As you prepare to reduce or stop earned income, you face the question of how to create income for life. The goals are different. The focus is now on 'making money last safely'. The risk is different. There is no room for error. You can't afford to lose money in another crash or downturn.

We specialize in 'maximizing retirement income with minimum risk and taxes'.

Managing wealth during retirement requires a different approach to investing. You need to rethink your approach. The old techniques will not get you the best income and the safety you need.

Tax Deferral Strategies

Reducing taxes to increase wealth

Creating more after tax income

The goal of most retirees is increasing safe after tax income.

Creative tax planning is a central core of our approach to retiree wealth management and increasing total after tax return.

The greatest single factor that increases long-term yield is the ability to defer, reduce and eliminate taxes. Over decades, tax efficiency is one of the most powerful tools that we have. Most wire-houses and brokers give little attention to overall tax reduction strategies. We make it a core planning tool.

There are different techniques available for different tax situations.

stop paying tax on growth in your non-IRA Investment porfolio

Stop paying tax on growth in your non-IRA investment portfolio

What if you could defer tax on the growth of your investment income that you didn't need? What if you could sell your profitable positions while deferring the gain on the sale? What if you could defer such taxes for years, decades or even to your grandchildren?

For high income and high net worth clients, taxation is a major irritation. A 6% portfolio investment return is reduced to a 4% net return because of taxes on passive income. This is a 30% reduction in after-tax total return.

Additionally, many people are holding onto stocks that they don't like because they have accumulated gains that require paying taxes to re-allocate.

What is the solution to this?

Conventional Solutions

The feeble argument by investment brokers is to 'tax efficiently harvest losses.' This makes no sense. They are trying to make 'losing money' sound useful, when you can only use it after they lost your money. This is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, to use a farmer's phrase.

Advanced EPIC Wealth Solutions:

Solution #1 allows you to grow your investment money tax deferred until you need it. This means instead of paying taxes each year on market gains, you can let the gains compound tax deferred and only pay tax when you take the income.

Yes, I am interested in how to defer tax on my Non-IRA Investments.

Solution #2 (same as above) but allows you to pass the untaxed growth to children or grandchildren. This can turn $100,000 into $1,000,000 for grandchildren and it continues to grow tax deferred for their lifetime and is only taxed upon withdrawal.

Yes, I am interested in how to tax defer growth to my children and grandchildren.


sell your existing appreciated stock and defer the tax on the gain

Sell your existing appreciated stock and defer the tax on the gain.

Never again feel trapped into holding a position because it has gain i.e. requires paying tax to liquidate or rebalance. 

You can sell the asset and defer paying the tax.

Yes, I am interested in how to defer tax on the sale of appreciated stock.


Defer tax on the sale of real estate

Defer tax on the sale of real estate

This is an alternative to 1031 exchange that allows you to completely liquidate your position for cash and not be required to remain in real estate or to re-invest within any period of time.

Yes, I would like information on how to defer taxes on capital gains on the sale of real estate.


Defer tax on the rental income generated from real estate

Defer tax on the rental income generated from real estate

Do you have more income from real estate than you need for living expenses? If you could defer the tax on the rental income, you could reduce your taxable income.

Yes, I would like information on how to defer tax on the rental income generated from real estate.


Defer tax on the sale of business interests

Defer Tax On The Sale Of Business Interests

Would you like to sell your business, but defer the tax on the gains resulting from the sale?

Yes, I would like information on how to defer paying tax on the sale of my business.


Defer tax on sale of appreciated assets (stock, real estate, business art)

Defer Tax On Sale Of Appreciated Assets (Stock, Real Estate, Business Art)

Sellers of buildings, businesses, art or appreciated stock looking to re-allocate would like to 'defer' the tax on the sale.

Conventional Solutions

Real estate 1031 exchanges allow for replacing property A with property B, but doesn't allow the seller to be free of real Estate and the headaches of management. Our solutions will allow him to 'cash out' and re-invest 100% of the proceeds.

Advanced EPIC Wealth Solutions:

Defer tax on gains, have cash to re-invest under your control, asset protected and the re-invested proceeds grow tax deferred until withdrawn. 

This is a proprietary technique.

Yes, I would like information on how to defer paying tax on the sale of appreciated assets.


zero tax plan

Zero Tax Plan

Allows deferring tax on the growth and no tax on the withdrawals.

Referred to as 'Super-Roth', this has the benefits of Roth-like tax treatment (deferring tax on growth and non-taxable access to cash), but has no contribution limits.

This is one of the safest and most tax efficient structures allowed by the IRS. It is relatively unknown to most investment brokers.

This can also be set up by grandparents for children and grandchildren to achieve long term tax efficiencies and investment safety.

Yes, I would like to know more about the 'Zero Tax Plan'.


Roth Conversion

There is much talk about the benefits of Roth conversion. 

This involves taking money out of the IRA today (and paying the current tax) and re-investing this money into a Roth IRA, that will grow tax deferred and withdrawals are not taxed. 

Generally this strategy is very attractive for younger people and less attractive to over 60. It requires objective analysis to determine if it is a good fit for each person depending on age, needs and circumstances.

Yes, I would like to know more about Roth IRA conversion.


Reducing the cost of estate taxes

Reducing The Cost Of Estate Taxes

Currently, each individual can pass $5,430,000 without estate tax. That is nearly $11 million per couple. 

Traditional Solutions

Most estate planning attorneys have a variety of tools for 'discounting' values. These techniques are under attack and effective September 2015, could lose appeal.

EPIC Wealth Advisors Solutions

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts when it comes to advanced estate planning. Combining our financial and insurance structuring skills with the special skills of a competent tax attorney, we can achieve better results than either of us can achieve alone. 

For decades, we have worked with many of the best tax attorneys in America to combine our financial and insurance techniques with the legal strategies. 

If you have an estate tax problem, let us review your situation and share with you some of our proprietary approaches and work with your tax counsel to achieve superior results.

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Variety of structures & Applications under IRC Section 72 & 7702

I would like information on how to reduce taxes on ordinary income.